The deputy secretary of Mobilization and Digital Challenge of the PP, Noelia Núñez, declared today, regarding the election of Alejandro Fernández as head of the list of this party in the next Catalan elections, that “the unity of the PP in Catalonia has never been in question.”

“We must achieve unity not only of the PP, but also of the constitutionalists” around the only party which said no to the Amnesty and which will say no to the self-determination referendum, added the leader of the PP in an interview conducted this this month. morning on RNE. .

In addition, Núñez warned that negotiations on holding the aforementioned referendum are already underway, contrary to what Vice President María Jesús Montero denied yesterday.

Regarding the refusal expressed by Montero, Núñez stressed that “unfortunately we have already seen this film, Ms. Montero herself said, like the rest of the PSOE, that amnesty was not possible, that it was unconstitutional , and up to two “I said it a few days before the 23D, but afterwards, what was not possible became the first law that was brought to Las Cortes”.

“The separatists are already negotiating the referendum with the PSOE” and “the only candidate who represents constitutionalist values ​​is Alejandro Fernández, with him we must achieve the unity of the Catalans who do not want what happened in Spain and in Catalonia”. , also pointed out.

Núñez also referred to the possible renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, the governing body of judges and, regarding the blocking of negotiations between the PSOE and the PP for this purpose, he expressed that with the attitude of the PSOE of “Colonizing the institutions” is going to be “complicated”.

“We want the judges to elect the judges, we do not want the PSOE to colonize the institutions, as is happening in the RTVE board of directors, where it appointed a socialist activist as provisional president, or in the CEI,” did he declare.

“We will see what happens with this whole electoral process, at the end of this journey of Basque and Catalan elections are the European elections. Our intention is to advance in depoliticization, if the PSOE is not for this work, there will be no understanding,” he announced.

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