The faithful of the Cristo de Los Gitanos in Madrid experienced moments of anguish during the journey of the sacred image through the busy street of Tetuán, in the heart of the Spanish capital. However, this time it was not rain that was the cause of their concerns, but rather an unexpected incident with telephone cables crossing the road, as reported by authorities. Telemadrid.

Amid the fervor and devotion of the procession, one of the elements that make up the image of Christ became entangled in the overhead cables, creating a moment of tension for those present. The situation could have triggered an accident or irreparable damage to the revered figure.

Fortunately, the rapid reaction and skill of the Brothers responsible for carrying the march allowed Christ to free himself from his unexpected trap without suffering any damage. The skill and coordination of these worshipers were essential to averting tragedy during this moving religious parade.

The participants breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the Cristo de Los Gitanos continued his journey unscathed, protected by the expertise of those who accompanied him in his procession through the streets of Madrid. This incident, although brief, served as a reminder of the importance of caution and skill in organizing religious events of this magnitude.

The dedication and faith of the followers of Cristo de Los Gitanos prevailed over momentary fear, clearly showing that, even in times of adversity, determination and focus can protect what is most precious to a community.

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