Castilla y León continues to be a safe community to live in and invest. In fact, it remains the fifth safest autonomy in Spain, with a crime rate 14 points lower than the national averagebehind Extremadura, Asturias, Galicia and Aragon.

This is reflected in the data from Report on security indicators of the Ministry of the Interior corresponding to the last quarter of 2023, which places the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Madrid on the opposite side, with a crime rate above 60 points.

There The National Police and the Civil Guard were confronted with a total of 88,917 criminal offenses in Castile and León during the year 2023, with a workforce of 9,945 police officers available (including 6,811 from the Benemérita and the rest, 3,134, from the National Police), which represents an average of 4.2 police officers per thousand inhabitants, reaching highest rate of crimes solved in the last decade, After solve more than 40 percent.

Other data revealed by the report is that the rate of arrests and investigations stood at 221 per 1,000 offenses last year, and that the crime rate increased by 0.8 percent compared to to 2022, mainly due to the up to 19.4 percent increase in cybercrime-related crimes.

In this sense, it should be noted that last year 22,642 computer scams have been recorded, compared to 18,968 recorded the previous year and 2,782 crimes committed in cyberspace.

Compared to the same period last year, conventional delinquency, which represents 71.4 percent of the total, decreased by 3.1 percent in Castilla y León, with a notable drop 37 percent drop in intentional homicides and completed murders, which amount to 10 compared to the 16 recorded in 2022.

Palencia closed the 2023 financial year as the safest province in the Community, with a crime rate of 31.5 points, followed by Zamora (31.9) and Valladolid (36.5).

Soria is the province that recorded the highest crime rate, reaching 41.5 crimes per thousand inhabitants, which represents an increase of three points over one year. They are followed by Ávila (39.4), Burgos (39.3), Salamanca (38.9), Segovia (38.5) and León (37.8).

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