A new union will arrive in Formula 1 in 2026: Aston Martin and Honda. Japanese motorcyclists will leave Red Bull and bet on the green team with the new competition regulations. And they have already started this landing.

Honda has created a new UK-based brand to work closely with the Green Team: Honda HRC United Kingdom. The objective is for communication with Aston Martin to intensify in the search to form the best team in the Grand Cirque within two years.

Honda will hire new engineers and mechanics in the coming months. Improving the power of your engine is your big goal.

“This new company was created to mainly carry out preparation and maintenance tasks after races on Honda-built F1 powertrains, whilst also operating as a logistics operation for the European region,” Honda said in a statement.

Aston Martin’s projects

It will be in 2026 that this union will be officially launched and now the future of Aston Martin drivers is up in the air. Not that of Lance’s Walk, as long as Lawrence Stroll remains owner of the brand. But yes that of Fernando Alonso.

The Asturian is not clear about his future. Before the summer, he will make a decision: retire from F1, renew with Aston Martin or look for a new adventure on the grid. The Asturian is seduced by the new F1 rules and he doesn’t worry about age. He remains as competitive as ever at 42 years old.

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