The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) denies having signed any contract with construction company Gruconsa. RFEF sources tell laSexta that “the contract hasn’t even been signedand the work has not started either, and none have been carried out payment” to the construction company during the phase of the Management Commission and the presidency of Pedro Rocha.

This denial comes after we learned that The Civil Guard investigates a contract worth more than a million euros to the construction company Gruconsa, which was awarded in February for work in the Soccer City of Las Rozas, as the sources of the investigation confirmed to LaSexta.

It is now that the judge, with both versions on the table, will decide if there is an irregularity in this contract. Gruconsa is the construction company run by Angel González Segurathe brother of the man who was director of legal services at the RFEF and who was arrested during the search operation at the home of Luis Rubiales.

In its interrogations, the UCO asked questions about this contract and others awarded to Gruconsa, such as Cartuja Stadiumasking whether, through these payments, there could have been a diversion of funds by the RFEF to companies owned by former footballer Nene.

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