Fernando Alonso He finished the Australian Grand Prix with problems with his accelerator. When he got out of the car, he glanced at the pedal and had previously complained on the radio. But the former Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos He accuses her of lying and acting out.

Complaint in words to ‘Ziggo Sport’ that Fernando “he deserved an Oscar” for his “performance” in Australia: “He turned on the radio and started complaining: ‘My accelerator isn’t working and I’m having problems.’ The team also supported his complaints and responded: “Yes, we hope you can reach the finish line.” It was definitely an Oscar nomination, but it didn’t work out.”

“At the end, The FIA ​​also didn’t believe his story because they didn’t see anything strange. Then the story appeared in the media and Fernando stopped complaining about it,” says Doornbos.

“He already did it once, in Hungary, and was sanctioned. It was during free practice, it had nothing to do with the race. He did it because he was upset that I was getting in the way of his fastest lap. He received a penalty and became a problem in the fight for the championship with Michael Schumacher“, says the former pilot of the Grand Cirque.

Alonso was penalized twenty seconds for his maneuver against George Russell, the victim of a serious accident. A very controversial decision by the stewards which Aston Martin decided not to appeal “due to lack of new evidence”. This is what Mike Krack said.

Alonso fell from sixth to eighth, scoring fewer points after another incredible race. Once again way above the expectations they had Aston Martin.

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