Popular streamer Richard Tyler Blevins, known worldwide as Ninja He revealed to his followers that he was suffering from skin cancer, causing surprise on social networks. The 32-year-old professional video game player, one of the most followed in the world on YouTube and Twitch, admitted that “I’m still in shock”, even if doctors were “optimistic” to have detected the disease at one point. early stage. .

Tyler explained that the cancer was diagnosed during one of his regular visits to the dermatologist.. During the consultation, they noticed a mole on the sole of her foot and decided to remove it preventively.. During the analysis, it was found to be “melanoma, but it is in its early stages.”

The content creator took the opportunity to encourage his followers to go to the dermatologist preventively. Additionally, he added that he had to thank his wife, YouTuber Jessica Goch, who insisted that he regularly monitor any changes in his skin.

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