Alicante will regenerate the Almadraba beach, located 7 kilometers from the urban center of the city and next to La Albufereta beach; More precisely, the environment will be urbanized, by creating pedestrian paths, integrating a sustainable rainwater drainage system, installing new street furniture and a kiosk. This is a project with a budget of 5.7 million euros, which will be financed by Next Generation European funds as part of the Tourism Sustainability Plans presented by Alicante City Hall.

Thus, the appearance of the beach will completely change as well as access to a beach, which is now quite difficult to reach. As the town planning advisor explains, “a natural, open, accessible and sustainable space and equipped with the necessary infrastructure to promote walking, use and civic enjoyment of this territory.

The action envisages the environmental regeneration of La Almadraba and the creation of new leisure spaces over an area of ​​25,000 square meters.

The urbanization project provides for various actions to improve the characteristics of mobility, accessibility and security, as well as the enhancement of the cultural heritage where the La Almadraba-Camping Bahía site is located, which can be visited with the existing elements identified and explained.

Sustainable drainage

The creation of a durable drainage system in case of heavy rain which makes it possible to reduce the speed of runoff water, by channeling its paths. For this purpose, a 786 cubic meter cistern will be built, whose function is to retain rain and its subsequent release into the network, as well as an open channel that will minimize washing towards the beach and a filter channel.

It is also planned restoration and renaturalization of landscapes of the environment to generate a more attractive space with new vegetation and with conservation actions of the existing one, while the topography will be modified to create accessible pedestrian routes.

In addition, Corbeta and Almadraba streets will be pedestrianized to enhance the character of a park located by the sea and thus preserve its essence of a natural space equipped with street furniture, rest areas, games for children, footbaths, fountains, bicycle racks, wooden and concrete walkways, chairs and benches. Taking advantage of the action, the existing collector will be renewed.

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