Actress Loles León became a guest on “Showriano”, the Movistar Plus+ program presented by Eva Soriano. The 73-year-old interpreter spoke easily about the intimate aspects of his life. “I’ve broken washing machines, I’ve broken chairs, I’ve broken beds, I’ve broken a lot of things… But now they’ve come out with very reinforced things and I can’t break anything anymore “, revealed the protagonist of “Nobody Lives Here”. He also admitted that he is now more in a phase of self-satisfaction; “Now I have a break with myself. All the sexual desire I have now, I break with myself, I have my very complete night table. Now I am left with the wonderful elements in silicone.”

“And I tell you one thing, as you get older, it’s true that you have to take things for menopause, so as not to lack your hormones and estrogen, the gynecologist orders it for you and you’re already super happy. and super orgasmic. And you want to have a movement much more than when you were working, with a guy who didn’t understand you, with the kids, trying to see how I can get to this job, with my tongue hanging out… more Now, now that’s it. ‘Just for you'”, he revealed, making Soriano laugh. therefore urinary incontinence. She did it to “become the same woman as always,” she said.

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