Leader Martín Berasategui surprised his supporters by sharing on social networks an image with a face full of injuries. The chef was the victim of an accident which forced him to stay for two days at the Polyclinic of Gipuzkoa. In the video broadcast from the hospital, he chief He says that “in the afternoon I was walking from Lasarte-Oria to San Sebastián when I suddenly tripped and fell.”

The head of San Sebastian recounts how he stopped the blow with his face and nose, hence the facial injuries. However. It seems that the brunt of the blow was taken by the humerus. “I completely broke him on all sides,” confesses Martín Berasategui.

Berasategui thanked the doctors in Cuéllar for the care received at the hospital because “they worked a miracle because they operated on me and I still can’t believe it.” The cook is still shocked by what happened. “They are contagious people, incredible professionals, people who gave everything to be the best and I am amazed… I am neither afraid, nor lazy, nor ashamed to say how lucky I was to meeting this wonderful family who are incredible,” concludes the chef.

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