Fran Garrigos He did not win gold at the Tokyo Olympics and now in Paris he wants revenge. “Jugones” was with him during a very intense training.

“Judo is a lifestyle. Going to Paris means aiming for a medal”said into the microphone of Patricia Cotón, who lived the experience of the training.

The world judo champion wants gold this summer: “I don’t feel the pressure and “What I have to focus on is my performance.”

Not getting a medal in Tokyo sank him… but now he’s fully recovered: “It was difficult and it was difficult for me to come backbut now I don’t usually think about the result and I think about what depends on me.”

Here are some of the secrets of a judoka ready for anything: “If I win, I will skydive.”. Garrigós, looking for the gold medal in Paris this summer.

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