Choosing the most beautiful town in Pontevedra can be difficult and subjective. It is not for nothing that, as Victor Hugo wrote, “style is the form of the ideal”. But at the end, there are almost as many styles as there are men.

Despite everything, many consider that Combarro is one of the most charming towns in the province of Pontevedra. A very small place on the edge of the estuary, thus protected from the bad weather of the Atlantic, and full of attics and paving stones which give its streets the feeling of a magical place, almost inaccessible in this world.

This little piece of land is a hidden gem that captivates those lucky enough to discover it.

Entering its cobbled streets, you immerse yourself in a past rich in history and tradition, which is directly linked to the calm waters of the Pontevedra estuary which rock it daily and which, over the centuries, make the city have retained its fishing character, preserving its traditional techniques and deeply rooted customs.

Technique and customs that mix in one of its most characteristic aspects: its granaries, stone structures raised on pillars that rise majestically along the seafront promenade.

The municipality of Combarro is identified by more than 30 granaries which cover its entire coast.
The municipality of Combarro is identified by more than 30 granaries which cover its entire coast.the reasonfreemarker.core.DefaultToExpression$EmptyStringAndSequenceAndHash@69f48aa5

These attics, beyond their undeniable aesthetic beauty, bear witness to Galician ingenuity in preserving food from humidity and rodents. Walking through the labyrinth of Combarro granaries is to immerse yourself in a world of tradition and unique architecture.

The sea and gastronomy

Something similar to what happens when moving along the city promenade, a meeting place for neighbors and visitors where the gentle sound of the waves mixes with the murmur of conversations and the fresh aroma of the sea.

The stone benches offer the perfect place to sit and contemplate the fishing boats gently pitching in the estuary. As the sun sets, the sky takes on warm tones, creating an unforgettable spectacle over the serene waters of the estuary.

A vision and a space that calls enjoy Galician gastronomy, an integral part of the Combarro experience. Its restaurants offer a wide variety of traditional dishes, from fresh seafood to culinary delights such as “pulpo á feira”. Fishermen bring their catches directly to the city’s markets, ensuring visitors savor the best of the sea in every bite.

This gastronomic experience can be accompanied by that offered by the Galician craftsmanship, also with its own life in the streets of Combarrowhere ceramic and weaving workshops perpetuate this tradition.

Visitors can browse local stores for unique souvenirs, from handcrafted ceramic pieces to the highest quality linen and cotton fabrics.

In short, Combarro is much more than just a fishing village; it’s a cultural and natural treasure that delights the senses and nourishes the soul. With its history, architecture and welcoming atmosphere, this enclave forever captivates all those who have the privilege of discovering it, offering them a unique experience of Galicia.

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