Candidate Ilaria Salis in the European elections on June 8 and 9, in order to guarantee her parliamentary immunity. This is the path that – according to what reports – is being discussed in the Democratic House. A discussion still open which would see part of the party against and on which secretary Elly Schlein has not yet lifted her reservation. “Officially, I have no information,” the 39-year-old’s father told LaPresse. But it’s no secret that this candidacy is more than a possibility. So much so that the former secretary Nicola Zingaretti himself opened up about this hypothesis today in an interview with ‘La Stampa’. “If this can be useful to you, I wonder: why not?” PD MEP Irene Tinagli, on the other hand, is much more cautious: “I don’t think there is anything concrete. The Directorate will be on the lists on April 15, a few days ago the secretary spoke with the secretaries regional. the debate is there”.

Meanwhile, the teacher from Monza, detained for almost 14 months in Budapest prison on charges (still rejected) of having participated in the attacks of certain neo-Nazi children during the Day of Honor on 11 February, remains in prison. . Last week, the judge did not accept the woman’s lawyers’ request for house arrest in Hungary for “risk of escape.”

“No direct request from the Italian government (or any other major media) to the Hungarian government will facilitate the defense of Ilaria Salis’ case, because the government, as in any other modern democracy, has no control over the courts” Hungarian This is what government spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs wrote in an article after attacking two Hungarian neo-Nazi activists.

Kovacs then recalled the words of Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó that “this was not a crime committed on impulse, but a well-thought-out and planned act” by a person who is now “depicted as a martyr”. And he made it clear that “no one, no far-left group, should view Hungary as some kind of network coming in and planning to beat someone to death.” Roberto Salis: “The verdict is already in”

“The trial has already taken place, the verdict has already been rendered, we don’t know why they are continuing the hearings…”. This was stated by Roberto Salis, father of the 39-year-old man, commenting to the Ansa agency on the comments of the spokesperson for the Budapest government. “Already at the end of January, Kovacs tried to discredit my daughter’s lawyer, therefore the spokesperson of a Prime Minister who discredits the defense lawyer of an accused. We are talking about a regime in which the rights civil rights, the separation of powers and the rule of law are completely overtaken by a marked tendency towards tyranny. “When a politician attacks a simple citizen of another state – added Roberto Salis – it is clear that something incredible is happening.”

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