Little by little, without haste but without pause, The free online library of Castilla y León continues to gain followers, And in the ten months that this platform has been in operation, it has already exceeded 5,000 users, thanks above all to the extent, variety and quality of the services that it also offers free of charge.

This space, called BiblioCyLwas born less than a year ago as part of the CyL Digital project aimed at strengthening digital skills training for Castilians and Leonese in addition to facilitating access to the latest trends in new technologies, in which they have already invested more than 38,000 hours. , according to sources from the Ministry of Mobility and Digital Transformation headed by María González Corral.

During these ten months The library has already loaned more than 13,000 titles, among which its offer of international bestsellers in innovative formats stands out, whether e-books, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts or educational pills. They also enjoy great reception for other must-have classics and other content that ensures a complete and entertaining experience for users.

The content covers a a wide variety of themes, such as artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, scientific dissemination, programming, office automation or soft skills, in addition to other current topics of great impact for society as a whole.

Great activity

Since the launch of the platform, a total of eight promotional campaigns through BiblioCyL Digital and the social networks of the Ministry of Mobility and Digital Transformation, highlighting key themes for learning and developing user skills.

In the same form, six digital reading clubs were launcheds focused on promoting the exchange of opinions on different key titles from the available reference list.

Likewise, from the platform In total, 14 online training courses were provided and nine in-person workshops, with the aim of informing citizens about the use of the ecosystem and recommending content. These training sessions took place openly to all Castilians and Leonese and made it possible to obtain mobilize more than 100 people in person already more than 500 participants in online training “webinars”.

Next actions

BiblioCyL Digital continually renews its content and will therefore soon include new publications on different subjects such as knowledge of digital rights, education with screens or digital disinformation.

Likewise, Two new book clubs will be launched where users can discuss different titles through an online forum and share their opinions with other users, or new competitions to encourage users’ reading and digital learning.

To access BiblioCyL Digital, simply visit the BiblioCyL Digital website or download the ‘BiblioCyL Digital’ mobile application, available in major mobile app stores, and create an account in CyL Digital if you don’t have one before.

Access is completely free and open to all citizens.

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