This couldn’t be the case. The rains cut short the most important day of Holy Week, forcing the most brotherhoods to stay in their temples.

In Seville, none of the seven planned processions took place due to the persistent rains that fell on the city of Seville. Los Negritos was the first brotherhood to communicate that it was not carrying out its station of penance, a decision shared by Exaltación, las Cigarreras, Pasión, Montesión, el Valle and Quinta Angustia. None of them wanted to dare after the downpour that fell on Carmen Doloroso and Buen Fin the day before.

The rain did not give Córdoba any respite either and none of the six brotherhoods that were supposed to proceed on Maundy Thursday did so.

In Málaga, fIt was the Legion which opened the day of fraternity with its landing at the port and the subsequent transfer of Christ from Mena. An event chaired by Queen Sofía. Unlike Seville, in Malaga, certain brotherhoods have emerged, such as Santa Cruz, Viñeros Misericordia and Esperanza.

Also in Granada, Maundy Thursday presented a redemptive afternoon after a particularly hard week. The focal point of the day was the Albaicín district, declared a World Heritage Site along with the Alhambra.

Despite the weather forecast and a light rain shortly before departure time, the brotherhoods of Concha and Salesians, one from Realejo and the second from the very populated neighborhood of Zaidín, they placed their guide cross in the street, at the time when La Aurora left San Miguel and La Estrella de San Cristobal.

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