Among many hypotheses, a confirmation. Edoardo Galli, the almost 17-year-old man who disappeared from Colico on March 21, took a train to Milan that day. The images recorded by surveillance cameras at the central station of the Lombard capital confirmed what was immediately thought: the boy from Colico was filmed once getting off the train while he was eating ice cream and to walk in front of stores, with a person.

“The circumstance confirms the young man’s first voluntary destination, but does not yet reveal his intentions,” explains theHandle. One of his executives

Research in the Hanging Mountains

The results were negative and searches in the mountains between Casargo and Colico were therefore temporarily suspended. According to what was reconstructed by the police, there is in fact a “substantiated certainty” that the child got off at Milan Centrale at 9:50 a.m. on March 21, the day of his disappearance, from a train that was taking him to the station from Morbegno (Sondrio), a town where he attended the scientific high school. This is the latest information – as reported by The Press – at the disposal of the Prefecture of Lecco, which coordinates the research. Investigations are now trying to reconstruct Edoardo’s travels from Milan, particularly on the young man’s possible use of high-speed trains or buses.

“Maybe he trusted the wrong person.”

“It looks like a science fiction movie, like a nightmare.” On La Vita in Diretta, the show hosted by Alberto Matano on Rai 1, Adele and Franco, Edoardo’s grandparents, speak. “I saw him grow up, he will become a good person, a successful man,” says grandfather Franco. On Wednesday evening, a few hours before his disappearance, they both spoke on the phone with Edoardo. Franco continues: “We talked about the mountains every year the week after school ended. He was in love with the mountains, he felt at peace with himself.”

And he tells how his nephew was able to survive in a climate that was too harsh: “With an open bivouac. There are bivouacs where you can light a fire, there are supplies, etc., it has to be there. Maybe he’ll get there for 5-6-7 days. We are afraid that he will end up in something bigger than himself and that he will not take into account the fact that he is minor. And maybe he confided in someone he trusts and that’s not the case. This is the biggest doubt.” Grandma Adèle launches an appeal: “We are very worried, he knows that we are worried about him because we raised Edo. For us, Edo is a son. We are waiting for you with open arms , you know, your grandmother always loved you so much.” “I hope that in a few days we will hear the doorbell ring and we will see Edoardo who is at the door. I really hope that this will be the case and that this nightmare will end,” concludes grandfather Franco.

The appeal of the mayor of Colico

The story of the Galli family worries the community of Colico. The last call, in chronological order, is that of Mayor Monica Gilardi: “The days go by, I read that they are doing research in Valsassina, in the mountains, but I have no news of what is happening. happened”. The mayor of Alto Lago, the town of residence of Edorardo Galli, the 17-year-old who disappeared last Thursday, explains this to LaPresse. “I sent a message to the family making ourselves available, even if as a Municipality we are not involved in the search. I hope that Edoardo will make himself heard in one way or another, at least to cheer up his parents,” said the mayor. Edoardo “is a family like many others, he is a high school student almost 17 years old. When you say a good guy. I can’t give myself a reason,” Gilardi adds of the voluntary withdrawal. “I hope that whoever does the investigation can somehow “another managed to find him, but he simply disappeared into thin air. I imagine the state of anxiety and anguish of the parents at that moment,” he concludes.

Meanwhile, the search continues during these hours without stopping and without leaving anything behind. On Monday evening (March 25), search activities focused on Mount Legnone, the highest peak in the province of Lecco and in the westernmost sector of the Orobie Alps, in the Alto Lario region, on the border with Valtellina. Firefighters and mountain rescuers searched for hours in the woods, even with the help of drones equipped with night sensors to better search high mountain areas, but without finding any trace of the 17-year-old. We continue, with the coordination of the Prefecture of Lecco and a large rescue team.

Father Alessandro: “We are destroyed”

“Come back immediately, we are waiting for you with open arms, we are devastated and we miss you very much. So come back now, we will all be waiting for you, dad, mom, sister and also all your friends who don’t understand that and who can’t wait to hug you again.” This is the new appeal launched on television by Edoardo’s father, “very passionate about politics and in this sense his recent research” on the web “focuses on pacifism and aid”, explained his father Alessandro on the telephone during the program Mattino Cinque on Canal 5 .

“We are not sure of anything, but it is a hypothesis that should not be ruled out,” added the father in reference to the possibility of fleeing to Russia, given that the young man has a double passport, Italian and Russian, as his mother. is of Russian origin. Still according to what his father reports, in recent days, Edoardo had shown no intention of moving, in fact “he had planned things to do and even a summer vacation itinerary in the mountains.” Negative votes like this can happen” or “classic family discussions” but “nothing that suggests something like that, it’s shocking”. But one of the few certainties “is that he should have taken the train to Milan” from Morbegno (Sondrio), where he attended the scientific high school.

Did Edward escape to Russia?

The boy disappeared on Thursday March 21, when he did not show up at school, the Nervi-Ferrari high school in Morbegno, which he attended with excellent grades.

Once he left home, like every morning, Edoardo never reached the prestigious institute (considered among the best high schools in Italy for its high level of education), but disappeared. After the alert was given by his parents, who were no longer able to reach him by telephone, investigators immediately began looking for him. It seems very likely that the young man boarded a train to Milan, perhaps with the intention of fleeing Italy. There is no certainty, but based on information gathered in the village, it seems that Edoardo recently expressed his desire to return to Russia, his mother’s native country.

What is certain is that the boy, as described by those who know him and have known him for a long time, is characterized by great sensitivity and goodness of heart, deeply pacifist and idealistic. It cannot be excluded that he could have entered into a personal crisis also due to the intense stress caused by studies.

“Suspicious” online searches

Recently, the teenager reportedly searched the Internet for information on how to survive in the mountains without food and water and kept up to date with developments in the war in Ukraine. Elements which, in light of the latest developments, seem to be becoming more and more relevant. The family, which launched appeals with those of the Pénélope association, is not unaware of any hypothesis. His sleeping bag is also said to have disappeared from his home. The fear is that, given his pacifist nature, he may be willing to move towards Russia. The minor has, among other things, a dual Italian-Russian passport.

Description of Edoardo Galli

Edoardo Galli, 180 centimeters tall, has a normal build, light brown hair and gray eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a dark blue denim jacket, beige fleece and pants, a brown checked shirt and white Adidas shoes. He usually wears glasses (photochromic), but also uses contact lenses. On his right eyebrow he has a small scar. The prefecture published a photo and a description of the teenager, specifying that “anyone who has news or sightings of the child should quickly inform the Colico police station, number 0341-940106”.

Edoardo Galli has died.  The appeal of the Pénélope-2 association
Edoardo Galli has died. The appeal of the Pénélope-2 association

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