Again with chains on his wrists and feet, held on a leash by a prison guard. Thus Ilaria Salis, a 39-year-old teacher and activist from Lombardy, appeared before a court in Budapest, where she is on trial for having attacked far-right activists in February 2023, during a neo-Nazi rally. The woman has been held in prison for 13 months. At Thursday’s hearing, judges are expected to rule on his request for house arrest.

Ivan Scalfarotto, Milanese senator and foreign director of Italia Viva, was present at the trial and wrote on X: “Nothing, Ilaria Salis is still on a leash.” And then he added: “If the accused is attached to a leash, it is only to harass, to impose coercive power on her in an unnecessary and redundant way. This is completely against the rule of law and in our European Union none of this should ever happen. » Among the other Italian political representatives present, the parliamentarians Laura Boldrini (Pd) and Nicola Fratoianni (Avs) and the secretary of the Communist Refoundation Maurizio Acerbo.

Ilaria Salis gave written authorization to the Italian press to broadcast images of her with chains and a leash. And in court, a group of right-wing extremists threatened the “patrol” made up of lawyers and friends of Ilaria Salis, including two representatives of the democratic lawyers and the cartoonist Zerocalcare: “Shut up or I will kill you head”, they would have said to them, according to what the lawyer Eugenio Losco reports: “They filmed us with their mobile phones, they filmed us and our translator told us that they were threatening us”.

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