While Pedro Acosta He has already reached the podium after two races in MotoGP, his partner at GasGas, Augusto Fernández, He is in a lot of pain and is even afraid of losing his seat for next year. He is sixteenth in the standings with only five points.

Fernández admits he’s going through a “difficult moment” when he finds himself overtaken by a rookie: “It’s my second year and it’s hard for me to admit it, but It’s like starting from scratch.”

“We are half a second away from being in the top 10 and we will start from there, work to get closer to the points and build from there”, says Acosta’s teammate, who does not understand how there can be so much difference with the young Murcian.

“Of course, there is no room for error here. If you don’t have speed and you don’t run, help won’t come and Next year there will be no contract. It is clear that this is a decisive year and we must hurry to get there. “I’m the first one who doesn’t want to be that far behind,” he says.

He hopes to improve during the next meetings. MotoGP returns next April 12 with the Grand Prix of the Americas: “We will move forward, at least now the whole team is in harmony. We know we are wrong, but we are looking for solutions to see if we can find the right solution.”

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