The prosecution requested a two and a half year prison sentence against Luis Rubiales for the forced kiss he gave to player Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final in Sydney on August 20 and for the “harassment” to which the footballer was subjected. For Albert Luque, who was dismissed by the Spanish Football Federation from his position as sports directorthe prosecution requested a year and a half in prison for the coercion exercised on Jenni Hermoso.

Luque is the one who went the furthest in his harassment. She went to Ibiza, where the champions were and as she couldn’t speak to Hermoso, she wrote to a friend of hers.

In WhatsApp conversations, Luque defended that “the player had two years of career left” and even promised her a position in the Federation if she supported Rubiales. Luque said that if Hermoso did not agree, he was a bad person and he wanted her to be alone in life, as reflected in the writing.

Rubiales put pressure on Hermoso’s family and friends

The writing includes repeated attempts at coercion and pressure Hermoso to support Rubiales. They took place in the locker rooms, on the bus and even on the plane back to Spain.

Faced with the world champion’s refusal to cooperate, Rubiales, according to the prosecutor, changed strategy and decided to put pressure on Hermoso’s family and friends.

For this, he turned to his trusted men, as well as to the coach. Jorge Vildamarketing director Rubén Rivera and the sports director Albert Luque. The prosecutor is asking for a sentence of one year and six months in prison for these three people for front-line coercion.

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