On the day the Budapest court refused house arrest for Ilaria Salis, 39, the Milan appeals court rejected Hungary’s extradition request to extradite Gabriele Marchesi, 23, considered the woman’s accomplice in the alleged attack on neo-Nazi activists on February 11. , 2023, during a far-right rally. Hungary had issued a European arrest warrant against Marchesi, executed in Milan by Italian police on November 21, 2023.

No to extradition was decided on Thursday March 28 during the sixth hearing. From this moment on, Marchesi is no longer under house arrest, where he has been since last November, awaiting the judges’ decision. Deputy Attorney General Cuno Tarfusser had asked not to extradite Marchesi to Hungary, saying the Hungarian state “has abandoned and moved away from the idea and legal principles that underpin the single European space.” The young man’s lawyer, Mauro Straini, supported this request.

The inhumane conditions of detention in prison described, over the last 13 months, by Ilaria Salis, who denounced the filth in the cells, malnutrition and also the fact of being accompanied on a leash and chained by the prison police during movements , certainly had a (significant) impact on the decision, as could also be observed during the public hearings of the woman’s trial, even on Thursday morning, when the Hungarian judges subsequently refused her house arrest.

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