The last asset of Alessia Pifferi’s defense would be a liability. The woman, accused of the intentional murder of her daughter Diana, aged 18 months, would be “disabled”, according to documents established during her time at school. Her primary and middle school teachers would have declared at the time that Alessia suffered from a disability even if we do not yet know what type. In addition, there would also be a document issued after the eighth grade exam with the same subject. These sheets have now been recovered by Pifferi’s defense and presented to the Milan Assize Court.

According to what the 39-year-old man’s lawyer, Alessia Pontenani, said, the new findings would be proof of an intellectual disability of the accused. The certifications issued by schools could in some way overturn the expertise of the specialist who, a few weeks ago, had declared Alessia Pifferi capable of understanding and wanting. “Thanks to these documents we will request the integration of the superpartes report prepared by Dr. Elvezio Pirfo, who at the time requested to be able to consult them,” Pontenani told Mattino Cinque.

The documents prove that Alessia Pifferi had a support teacher from primary school to vocational school. The defense is now seeking the first certificate drawn up by the child neuropsychiatrist in Milan which would demonstrate the woman’s problems despite the statements repeatedly made by her family. “Alessia never had any problems,” Pifferi’s sister said.

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