The flight on which the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation is traveling Luis Rubiales landed at 10:35 a.m. at Barajas airport. Rubiales is under investigation for alleged contract corruption while he was head of the RFEF. laSexta was an exceptional witness during the flight and also from the moment the Civil Guard contacted Rubiales.

A UCO agent explains his situation inside the plane while a group of agents wait at the foot of the runway. After about five minutes of conversation, the former president of the RFEF got off the plane and He got into a black UCO van. At this time, it is not known whether he is being detained.

“The plane had 388 people, many of them Spaniards, who recognized it. They took pictures of it, recorded images… He was in seat 25L and El Objective Team was in rank 33., even if he is resting. “I only had a handbag,” said journalist Ana Pastor, who explained in Al Rojo Vivo that it was a “movie” flight, since there were even four fainting spells .

Judicial sources revealed this morning to LaSexta that Majadahonda Judge Delia Rosrigo issued no arrest warrant and asked the UCO not to bring Luis Rubiales to court this morning because he has a busy schedule with civil cases.

Their idea is still to call him to testify in a few days, especially since he returned to Spain voluntarily and there is no risk of flight. However, another option could be for the UCO to take Rubiales to the barracks until the judge has time to take his statement. This will be the decision of the UCO.

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