"We want to make the decision as difficult as possible by giving you the best car possible.": that’s how direct he was Mike Krackchief Aston Martinwhile during the previous Japanese Grand Prix They asked him about the decision Fernando Alonso.

The double world champion Formula 1 struggles between renewal, withdrawal or betting on a ‘top’ team like Mercedes or Red Bull.

Of course, as he himself explained, once the decision to continue is made, he will first listen to the offer of Aston Martin.

And in this, the most important by far is the economic level. Alonso wants importance technical guarantees which guarantee you to fight for short-term victories.

To convince the Asturian and note the poor performance of the AMR24 during the first three races, Aston Martinthe fifth team currently on the track, will bring a significant package of improvements to Suzuka, as reported by ‘formu1a.uno’.

These will be found in a new floor and a new rear concept of the car, which resulted in an improvement of approximately two tenths of a second on a circuit like that of Japan.

The current AMR24 is capable of making the most of the classificationbut in the race he suffers excessively because of the voracious degradation that your tires are suffering.

This is the key aspect that Aston Martin wants to change and that Fernando Alonso will examine this weekend. If the car fights for the podium, the renewal decision will become clearer; If they continue on the same path, it may not be long before we have news on the future of the “14”.

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