On March 28, the same day that Virginia Woolf and Miguel Hernández died, cultural journalist Anna Pérez Pagès left in silence. With her a means of broadcasting culture on television disappears, understanding the capacity that the small screen has to communicate knowledge and insight to all viewers, knowing that there is room for everything, from a theatrical production in a small neighborhood theater to the latest bestseller. This is what he has done since the unforgettable red sofa in the “Àrtic” daily space in Betevé, where creators of all stripes passed by.

Previously she had been part of the team of another memorable Barcelona book and television program, “QWERTY”, with the famous journalist Joan Barril, and which marked the jump of Anna Pérez Pagès after having been part from the COM Ràdio editorial staff. for a while. . Before that, he had studied English philology at the University of Barcelona.

He was the visible face of Sant Jordi’s special programs and book presentations. But besides print, his other great passion was the performing arts, as he demonstrated by directing and presenting the Betevé “Acena” program.

At a time when cultural journalism is a competition and everything seems to lead to the madness of looking for a click, in its programs, in its interventions in media like Catalunya Ràdio, RAC1, Ràdio 4, TV3 or El Periódico de Catalunya, She showed extraordinary generosity in applauding and promoting the work of other colleagues.

When the management of Barcelona’s municipal television decided to close “Àrtic”, despite the applause of the sector or the recognition by the ARC of the cultural industry, she became coordinator of Betevé’s cultural contents.

Cancer took Anna Pérez Pagès too soon, one of the best cultural journalists I have ever met.

And trobarem molted a missing one, Anna. And I will always keep the ticket for the party that took place after the Prix Planeta.

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