Three 18-year-old boys were arrested as suspected perpetrators of the theft of a safe worth more than 46,000 euros that was inside a house in the Las Merindades area, in the province of Burgos.

As reported this Thursday by the Civil Guard of Burgos in a press release, last Monday March 25, a neighbor warned that a safe containing a large sum of money had just been stolen and offered a description of the one of the alleged perpetrators.

This made it possible to deploy an effective search device which quickly made it possible to locate a suspicious vehicle traveling in a neighboring town.

The officers identified the three occupants of the vehicle, who displayed a nervous attitude, one of them carrying more than 5,000 euros in notes among his clothes.

During a thorough search of the vehicle, the Civil Guards discovered a bag containing a safe with the same characteristics as those described by the victim and with a large sum of money.

It is for this reason that the three young people were arrested and more than 46,500 euros were recovered.

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