Lewis Hamilton’s seat at Mercedes for 2025 remains ownerless. Many names sound, with Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz in the head. AND Pat SymondsFormula 1 legend, advises the team to recruit the now Aston Martin driver.

This is what he said in the official podcast of the competition: “I really like this guy, I think he’s incredibly fast. If I was looking for the best possible result for 2025 and to help me with my new 2026 car, Fernando is the man. »

But he believes that this signing would bring “a problem”: the situation of George Russell. “George has been here for a few years now and is thinking about what he can do in the future. Fernando, for his part, has already proven everything. “People always underestimate the value of continuity, it’s a very important thing and to ensure that you have to keep your drivers for a long time,” says Symonds.

“If it was Toto (Wolff)I would sign it, but I would also think about my future moves, because you have to look beyond,” he says.

And he pays him a more than curious compliment: “He’s a complex character, I still love him as much. There was an incident during a press conference in Japan 2006“When he said he didn’t feel like the team was behind him, that hurt us, maybe he wanted to justify his departure.”

“He wanted to continue his winning streak and maybe that’s why he changed teams, but he went to the wrong place at the wrong time,” he says of what happened to McLaren-Honda in 2014.

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