Since Laurent Promenade landed at Aston Martin, the investment has been enormous to make this team one of the leaders in Formula 1. The move to the new factory has already started and now we are talking about its latest secret weapon: the desired blower.

An important step forward with which Aston Martin wishes convince Fernando Alonso to renew your contract. The Asturian has not yet decided whether or not he will continue in Formula 1. And although he has publicly declared that the greens are his first option, in recent days there has been talk of “advanced conversations” with Christian Horner and Red Bull.

Luca Furbattodirector of engineering at Aston Martin, tells ‘Motorsport’ how the work in the wind tunnel is going: “It’s actually quite impressive.”

Of course, the team is not sure if it will be able to use it from the 2025 season, just before the new F1 regulations come into force: “I don’t know. Because when you build a new tunnel, You need to start making sure the data you provide is correct.”

“I think it would be a decision for the aero teammake sure everything is correct, then make the exchange or not,” he explains.

Furbatto also analyzed Alonso’s options and Lance’s Walk at the Japanese Grand Prix. And he is optimistic. “The characteristics of Suzuka will be different from those here, They look a lot like those in Jeddah. I think we might be a little more competitive in Japan,” he says.

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