The new club of the Italian left was born on Sunday March 24 in Cinisello Balsamo, electing Gaetano Petronio as municipal secretary and Federico Billo as treasurer.

Cinisellese members also voted on the delegations to the secretariat that go to former councilor Letizia Villa (relations with associations), Gabriele Arosio (housing issue), Claudia D’Addio (sport and inclusion) and Antonella Di Cicco (IT and courses).

The new municipal secretary Petronio launched a sort of political manifesto for the start of his mandate: “Where do I get my idea of ​​the left? It is between Crocetta and Sant’Eusebio, between the Lombardini club and the largest Unity Festival in northern Milan.

Then he continues: “The left of our city is in the cardboard suitcase of those who came here to work in the factory to give a better future to their children. It is thanks to the courage of the workers Cinisellesi of Breda, Falck and Magneti Marelli who went on strike in 1944 and within the walls of the Cadorna school, headquarters of the command of the Detachment of the 119th Garibaldi Brigade SAP Quintino de Vona” .

Petronio continues: “Our story is full of color and hope and follows a common thread that has often united workers and teachers, priests (workers) and aid workers, those who welcomed and those who needed be welcomed.”

And again: “The left of Cinisello Balsamo lives among the numerous debates, the numerous neighborhood schools and libraries, without forgetting the Pertini music school.”

Petronio adds: “Cinisello Balsamo was a city of welcome, of inclusion, but also of participation and cultural comparison and it is for this reason that we will try to keep this flag high”.

Then he concludes: “We will never tell you what to think, but what to think about, what to be outraged about and what is worth continuing to fight for.”

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