Chiara Ferragni will not be reconfirmed to the board of directors of Tod’s. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Luigi Abete are also absent. Radiocor. Di.Vi. Finanziaria, controlled by Diego Della Valle and which holds 50.291% of the capital of Tod’s, presented the majority list for the renewal of the board of directors of the company convened on April 15. Among the nine candidates, the name of the influencer who joined the Board of Directors in 2021 does not appear.

How much Chiara Ferragni earned

Chiara Ferragni received compensation of 96,900 euros from Tod’s over these three years: 37,400 euros in 2023, 36,700 in 2022, 25,500 in 2021. After the Balocco affair, the owner of Tod’s, Diego Della Valle, had broken a sensitive chord in favor of the influencer. take time on every possible decision. “We have to see what happens, let the judicial system work quietly – Della Valle said -. When we have answers, we will see what to do.”

According to what emerged, Chiara Ferragni did not shine in the role of councilor. Record absences for the Milan-based influencer. In the first two years, Ferragni reportedly only attended three out of 17 meetings, with an absence rate of more than 82%.

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