Carlos Sainz He is the only one to have managed to defeat Max Verstappen. First in Singapore last year and now in Australia in 2024. And this year there could be a fight in the Formula 1 world championship. This is what he points out Christian Hornermanager of the energy drinks team.

There’s a reason Ferrari was very competitive at Albert Park: The tires. Horner says “they are very strong”: “It’s an area where Ferrari is particularly strong. So it’s probably not a coincidence that they were strong in Las Vegas and strong here, so it’s an area where We’ll have to improve.”

“It is undeniable that Ferrari was very strong this weekend”said Max’s boss and Czech Pérez. The Dutchman leads the world championship, but with only four points behind Charles Leclerc.

“We had problems on Friday, but I think the team has recovered well. “We started to resolve the issues and certainly in the laps on the grid Max said he was very happy with the balance, but we never got to see the answers to whether we had resolved these problems,” Red said. Taurus boss.

“Ferrari has a strong team, two strong drivers, a powerful car and we had a difficult weekend, and they took advantage of it. “Everything has been closed again, but there are still 21 races left.”Horner said.

F1 returns next week with the Japanese Grand Prix. And a new fight could take place between Sainz and Verstappen. Will both be title contenders this year? The Spaniard has nothing to lose as he faces his final months behind the wheel of Ferrari.

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