This Thursday, the Civil Guard developed a anti-jihadist operation in a house in the Granada municipality of La Zubia (Granada)where officers arrested one person and seized various weapons.

Sources from the armed institute confirmed to EFE that the intervention on the first floor of a building on the Camino de Gójar, in La Zubia, is part of an anti-jihadist operation.

As EFE was able to verify, the house, located in the area of ​​La Zubia that connects Ogíjares, in the metropolitan area of ​​Granada, They arrested a man, in addition to a box and several weapons, without further information being revealed.

Neighbors of the detainee who led the operation explained to EFE that the man is unsociable and maintains differences with the rest of the owners of the block.

They added that the detainee He is a local police officer in Granada. that he had already expressed an interest in certain religious issues, that he had several firearms in his home and flags of different countries.

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