Campaign day arrives 2023-2024 income tax return. From this Wednesday, April 3, 2024, Opening of the deadline for submitting personal income tax data of the year 2023, a procedure that it is important to start from scratch, with good supervision of the data included in the project proposed by the Tax Agency. Now, in order to access income account then present the statement on the Internet you must have either the digital certificate, Cl@ve PIN code or electronic DNI with which to identify. In case you do not have one, obtain the reference It would make it possible to manage each of the campaign services from the consultation of tax data to the automatic presentation of the declaration.

This system of authentication and identification of natural persons allows you to carry out all the procedures basic procedures for the income campaign. To get this reference can be done by the electronic seatby accessing any service that allows you to identify yourself, from the link ‘Get your reference number’ or through the Mobile “application” of the Tax Agency. This number can be obtained provided you have an electronic identity document or Cl@ve PIN although if not available it can also be obtained through box 505 of the income tax return filed the previous year, and even through a video call. We leave here an explanatory video which explains step by step how to obtain the reference number in box 505:

What box 505 is needed to obtain the reference number?

This box corresponds to the liquidable base subject to tax of the taxpayer, that is to say the difference between the deductions or reductions to which the taxpayer is entitled and the tax base on which he is subject. Therefore, you must enter in this box the amount that can be verified in the ‘Return of entry document’ of the declaration. It is important not to introduce any signs between whole numbers and to separate decimal places with a comma. In case last year’s income has not been presented or the amount in the box is zero, the system It will ask you for the last positions of the IBAN code of a bank account which you owned in 2023. Thanks to this procedure, the system will send you the reference number on the screen to manage all the procedures of the revenue 2024-2025.

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