There is a realization that risks enlivening this season finale: that without the contribution of Alessia Orro, Allianz Vero Volley Milano is doomed to suffer.

And this is what happened both in Vallefoglia, during the last negative day of the championship, and this evening during the opening match of the championship playoffs, an objective on which the teams base a large part of their hopes of finally winning something. Wash4Green Pinerolo confirmed itself as a tough opponent and almost won the Allianz Cluod: the teams, beaten 2-1, managed to react and take the victory tooth and nail and put themselves in a position to Significant advantage over a two-person match. It promises to be fiery.

MVP of the match is Myriam Sylla, who finishes with 19 points and an offensive percentage of 51%. The top scorer of the match is Paola Egonu, with 31 points, while Cazaute (17) and Folie (13) also reach double figures.

On Sunday 31, Easter Day, the second act of this challenge will take place at the Pala Bus Company in Villafranca from 5 p.m. It goes without saying that a performance like today may not be enough to end the debate sooner.

The game

The starting sextet includes Prandi and Egonu as opposing diagonal passer, Cazaute and Sylla as attacking pair, Folie-Heyrman as central defender and Castillo libero.

It is Cazaute who breaks the initial balance (8-5), as well as the blockage of Folie (12-7). Pushed by their supporters, the teams took off to 15-9 then suffered a partial comeback from the Piedmontese team (15-12). Who are then overwhelmed by Heyrman and Cazaute: the Frenchwoman with two aces brings Milan to 20-13. It’s always her who closes the first set at 25-20.

We start again with Cazaute and Sylla on the ball (7-5), but the Pinelle regain parity in the 8th minute. We proceed point by point until the 13-15th guest. The 15-19 puts the team on alert, but the reaction is not long in coming with the narrow diagonal of Egonu (20-21). At the most important moment, an error by the hosts restored balance in the set against (23-25).

The third set was almost a photocopy of the previous one, with Pinerolo escaping at 7-9 then conceding a score of 10 with Heyrman. The guest then escapes (11-15), then Cazaute serves and Sylla scores 14-15. The Pinelle do not want to abandon the stage and continue to lead (15-18). 17-19 is the last breath, with Egonu’s diagonal. At 19-23, Gaspari tries to change direction by inserting Mancastroppa, then Malual, but the Piedmontese hold on and incredibly take the advantage (23-25).

With their backs against the wall, Milan can no longer afford to make mistakes. Sylla carries the team on his shoulders (5-2), Egonu takes the first line (15-11). Folie quickly scores 21-14 and then five set points arrive; two are canceled but not the third. 25-21 and matches postponed to tie-break.

Where everything happens: Pinerolo sprints at the start (1-4), Milan draws at six. First real escape with Sylla (11-8), Pinelle has a hard time (11-11). Egonu builds two match balls (14-12); the first is canceled, but not the second. Number 18 strikes again, giving the team a victory that seemed almost unattainable (15-13).

Comments from the protagonists

The task of expressing the sensations at the end of the race falls to Laura Heyrman: “It was a great victory. In Playoffs the final result is important and it doesn’t matter how many sets you win or lose. We are still finding our best form but despite everything, being able to succeed means a lot “We have to think about ourselves and immediately think about Sunday for Race 2.”

The dashboard

Allianz Vero Volley Milan – Wash4Green Pinerolo 3-2 (25-20; 23-25; 23-25; 25-21; 15-13)

Allianz Vero Volley Milano: Cazaute 17, Malual, Mancastroppa, Heyrman 6, Folie 13, Prandi 2, Rettke 1, Bajema, Sylla 19, Egonu 31, Castillo (L), Daalderop, Candi. Do not enter: Pusic (L). Everyone, Gaspari.

Wash4Green Pinerolo: Sorokaite 16, Cosi, Cambi 5, Di Mario (L), Polder 7, Moro (L), Storck 23, Camera, Nemeth 6, Bernasconi 1, Mason 4, Akrari 13. Do not enter: Camera. All.Marchiaro.


Referees: Alessandro Rossi and Umberto Zanussi

Spectators: 2741

Scheduled duration: 26′, 33′, 30′, 32′, 28′. Total: 2h42′

Allianz Vero Volley Milano: winning serves 9, bad serves 9, blocks 12, errors 29, attack 41%

Wash4Green Pinerolo: winning serves 5, bad serves 9, blocks 10, errors 22, attack 38%

MVP: Myriam Sylla (Allianz Vero Volley Milan)

System: Allianz Cloud – Milan

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