There is no evidence, so there is an acquittal. The Serie A sports judge is clear. Inter player Francesco Acerbi has been acquitted of charges of racist insults made by Juan Jesus due to lack of evidence. The 35-year-old was neither sanctioned nor suspended and will be in the squad for the match against Empoli on Monday April 1.

It was assumed that he would be banned for several days, but things turned out differently. Thus, article 28 of the sports justice code which provides for up to ten days of disqualification was not applied. Judge Gerardo Mastrandrea “considered that in this case, the minimum level of reasonable certainty as to the certainly discriminatory content of the offense committed was not reached”.

Juan Jesus, when he found himself in front of the federal prosecutor during a video conference, reiterated that he had suffered a racist insult: “Acerbi told me ‘go black, you are only ‘a black man’, he then admitted that he was wrong and apologized, adding: ‘For me, a black man, it’s an insult like any other’. The last cases, from 2020, between Serie B and Lega Pro, never gave rise to less than ten match bans, even in the absence of evidence certifying the racist gesture. For the alleged racist insults, Acerbi was kicked out of the national team.

We will talk a lot about this sentence: the testimony of the offended party is not enough. Everyone says they didn’t hear, there is only one witness, the victim (whose credibility is in no way called into question by the judge). We can’t do enough. Reasonable certainty is necessary. Those who expected without hesitation a strong and decisive signal from Italian football against all forms of racism are disappointed.

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