The list of saints is a system developed by the Catholic Church to honor Christian saints and blesseds who have distinguished themselves throughout the year. It is a source of inspiration and spiritual nourishment with which it aims to strengthen Christian values ​​such as faith and charity. The saints are spread across the calendar, giving well-deserved recognition to each of the saints listed each day. Believers around the world have the opportunity to celebrate and express their gratitude and respect to those who came before them.

Given the very long history of the Catholic Church, it is normal for there to be more than one feast on the same day. Saint Rupert of Worms is celebrated today, March 27, according to the calendar of Christian saints, among other names.

Who was Saint Rupert of Worms and why is he celebrated on March 27?

Saint Rupert of Worms was a missionary and bishop who played an important role in the Christianization of Bavaria and the founding of the city of Salzburg. Rupert was born in France in the 7th century. Little is known about his early life, but it is believed that he received a religious upbringing and was influenced by Irish monasticism.

In 696, he founded a monastery and a church on Saint-Pierre hill, which would become the core of the future city. The town grew around the monastery and became an important religious and cultural center of the region. He founded several monasteries and Christian communities in the region, including St. Peter’s Monastery in Salzburg.

After his mission in Bavaria, Rupert was appointed bishop of Worms in 697. During his episcopate, he worked to strengthen the Christian faith in the region and promoted the construction of churches and monasteries. His feast day is March 27 due to his death in the year 710.

What other saints and blessed are celebrated on March 27?

Given the very long history of the Catholic Church, it is normal for there to be more than one feast on the same day. The other saints or blessed commemorated on March 27 are:

  • Saint Alexander of Drizipara
  • Saint John of Lycopolis
  • Saint Marolas
  • Saint Narsète, martyr
  • Saint Theoprepides
  • San Zánitas
  • Blessed Francisco Faá di Bruno
  • Blessed Panacea of’Muzzi
  • Blessed Pilgrim of Falerone

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