Its invention is linked to the pagan cults of the mermaid Partenope, and it was only later that it became the symbol of Christian Easter, when the nuns of the church of San Gregorio Armeno developed the current recipe in 1600 An image of sweetness and tradition, over the years, the Neapolitan pastiera has established itself as one of the most appreciated symbols of Easter, conquering a place of choice on Italian tables. It is for this reason that during the Easter holidays many people start looking for the best deals of the moment. In this article, therefore, we will guide you to discover the best pastries and bakeries in Milan where you can buy this typical dessert in the classic version, as well as in some more creative interpretations. For pastiera lovers and “off-site” Campanians looking elsewhere for homemade flavors.

Roman scale

Stadium pastiera

In his contemporary gastronomy in the Crocetta region, Cilento chef Aldo Ritrovato, among the many specialties of Campania, also offers his version of pastiera. A delicious slice of cake made in the traditional way but with a few small modifications: no candied fruit and no orange blossom essence. The result? Alright. In addition to being available on paper all year round, it can be ordered whole in a format of approximately 1.2 kg (€45). This is a limited edition, so we recommend pre-ordering at least a few days in advance.


Pavé pastiera

The Pavè boys prepare it according to tradition: a fragrant container of smooth dough filled with the classic mixture of fresh cow’s milk ricotta, caster sugar, candied orange, candied lemon, cooked buckwheat, egg yolk, honey, lemon zest, Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon. and natural orange flavor. You can pick up a slice over the counter during the Easter period or order it online. A unique version of 600 g for around 4/5 people (€29).


Pastiera de Martesana

Since 1966, it has been a benchmark for quality products throughout the year, as well as for typical desserts for special occasions. Now, in addition to doves and chocolate eggs, there is the Neapolitan pastiera faithful to tradition: a crispy pastry base with a creamy filling of fresh ricotta, cooked wheat, candied orange and a delicate scent of flower. ‘orange tree. A single 800 g format for 5/6 people (€33), to buy in the 5 stores in Milan or online with home delivery in the city and shipping throughout Italy.


Pastiera de Cucchi

Historic Milanese establishment opened in 1934 and recently passed from the hands of the Cucchi sisters to the Monti family. Like the rest of their production, the pastiera they prepare during the Easter period does not disappoint. A shortcrust pastry treasure chest containing the classic soft wheat pastry cooked in milk, candied orange, ricotta and orange blossom water. Available in two formats, 800 g (€37) and 1.2 kg, and it also arrives at our place in Milan.


La pastiera Malià

Pastry shop opened in 2017 by two friends Cristina Viviano and Francesco Romano, respectively sweet and savory. The protagonist of the proposal – which also includes individual portions with mirror glaze and contemporary desserts – is the traditional Neapolitan pastry, including the unmissable pastiera made in the most classic way. Shortcrust pastry base filled with flavors of ricotta, cooked wheat, orange zest and orange blossom. You can order and collect in store or directly at home in a format for 4 to 8 people (€36).

Davide Longoni

Davide Longoni's pastiera

Davide Longoni’s proposal is entirely developed around bread, accompanied by a wide choice of sourdough products and desserts from pastry chef Mauro Iannantuoni. For Easter, with the doves, the Easter pastiera is worth trying. The particularity of this version is the use of corn flour which makes the base particularly crispy. The filling, however, is classic with a mixture made with ricotta, cracked wheat, Jam Session candied lemon zest – a collaborative supply chain project that Longoni built with the Breaders – and water from orange blossom from “La Vecchia Distilleria”. 500g version for 4 people (20€)


Marlà's pastiera

Well-known address in Porta Romana renowned for its croissant breakfast, as well as its good holiday sourdough products. In fact, traditional panettone turned out to be the best in town according to the CiboToday test. For Easter, you can’t miss the colomba, which is one of the best in the city, along with the pastiera. It differs from tradition by the shiny appearance of the cover and the dough enriched with custard which makes it even softer and creamier. Available by reservation with collection in store (€36).


Marchesi's pastiera

Reliable and quality address, with 200 years of history, famous for its production of quality and very traditional confectionery. At Easter, among the doves and chocolate eggs (up to €1,300), the Neapolitan pastiera stands out for its delicate and traditional taste with a dough made from cooked cream of wheat, soft ricotta and candied orange. It differs from the classic by decoration with a nest of colored eggs. Cake for 6 people (€48) to reserve and collect in one of the three Milanese shops or to have it delivered directly to your home.


Tone's pastry

Contemporary bread laboratory where products from Northern Europe and Georgia are baked but without forgetting traditional regional recipes. So, for Easter, alongside the hot rolls and the dove, comes the Casertana pastiera, that is, without candied fruit, but which can also be ordered with the addition of these. It is offered in a single format of approximately 800-850g (€36).


La pastiera Sciuscià

In the center of Milan there is a small Neapolitan representative headquarters with a restaurant, a pizzeria and a patisserie. The pastiera is prepared with the traditional Neapolitan recipe of owner Pippo Ceccarelli’s mother using Italian shortcrust pastry, cooked wheat, ricotta, neroli essence and orange zest. Beautiful, large and compact, it respects the classic recipe both to the eye and to the palate. It is available in three formats: 900g, 1.1kg and 1.4kg (€30 per kilo), to be ordered on the site and collected in store.


Knam's pastiera

The master of chocolate, in addition to the beautiful eggs decorated for Easter, offers his version of pastiera with candied ricotta, orange zest and a light dusting of icing sugar. In addition to the classic version, Knam offers a special one with ricotta, candied fruit, vanilla, chinotto and of course chocolate. (45€ per kilo)

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