Fernando Alonso He was penalized 20 seconds at the Australian Grand Prix and dropped from sixth to eighth position. The FIA ​​commissioners considered that he was at the origin of the accident George Russell with a braking maneuver where it had never been done before.

Numerous protests took place against this sanction. From Fernando himself, from Aston Martin and also from Damon HillF1 champion in 2026. He believes that the FIA ​​should understand that these are racing actions aimed at getting the most out of the car’s performance.

“George looked surprised, he was very surprised, it seemed to meAnd, seeing that he was approaching… the speed to reach Fernando was so great. Or he just got too close, he pushed too hard and he suffered understeer because he was stuck at the rear, at his gearbox,” he said on ‘F1 Nation’.

“And I think that’s where we come in. the difficult area of ​​what racing is and tricks from scammers, you know?“, says the former pilot of the ‘Grand Cirque’.

“We think that The FIA ​​wants to stop people from doing potentially dangerous things. But making these decisions is dangerous! Car racing is dangerous. And you have to be careful when you approach someone,” he explains.

And he explains what running means to him: “If you approach another driver, you need to be prepared for them to do things that are a game.. And I think that should be part of the sport. You know, being suspicious of an individual because they’re fit or smart or whatever. You know, I think the idea that you have to stop people from doing something unexpected… it’s not really common.

Russell suffered a very serious accident from which he fortunately escaped unscathed. And Alonso was penalized 20 seconds. An excessive penalty… that the drivers are asking to review. Because that’s what running is, Hill says.

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