He Matt white It’s not a latte. Neither one Cappuccino. Not a cut. He Matt white It is more intense than a latte and less frothy than a cappuccino. This coffee is so special that it has its own tribute: it is the protagonist of the Doodle from Google today. But what exactly does this consist of? This is part of the types of latte which are espresso based.

The difference between each of them lies in the treatment given to milk. In the case of Flat White, according to expert sites, the milk should not contain air bubbles but rather be vaporized milk. It has a creamier appearance due to the prominence of its cream. Or rather: frothy milk. In fact, these types of coffees usually have a design on the top when you order them at coffee shops.

Flat White and Google: from coffee to Doodle

The growing interest in this type of coffee comes from Doodle this Monday, a tribute that Google pays to its search engine. It first came out in 1998, when company employees used it as an inside joke to announce they were going to a festival. Something like warning them that they were going to leave the office. Given the reception of the message, they decided to maintain the project of memory of historical events, personalities and scientific and artistic achievements. Today the the protagonist is this cafe.

Where does Flat White come from?

The origin of Flat White lies between Australia and New Zealand. Alan Preston, an espresso enthusiast from North Queensland, is said to be one of the creators. In fact, he would have been the author of the name, abbreviated Flat White Coffee at Flat White in 1985.

Although it is true that there is another name linked to this type of coffee with milk. The one with the barista Fraser McInnes, who, while trying to prepare a creamy cappuccino, obtained a fine microfoam of milk. He still served it, saying it was a Flat White, points out the Café Barsel portal.

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