A piece of gray wall with an intercom appeared in Piazza XXIV Maggio in Milan. This is the installation which announces Rhove’s new album, which will be released on March 29, with all the featurings announced in a particularly original way. With “Popolare”, as the album is called, Rhove brings the suburbs to the center of the city. And the wall symbolizes precisely that. The installation represents a wall of a popular building then decorated with a live painting activity by street artists.

The intercom doesn’t just look good: it really works. By pressing the different buttons, you can listen to a series of sounds: song excerpts, featuring clues and coded messages. The artistic operation was carried out in collaboration with the Jungle creative agency. Thus, the author of the slogan “Shakerando” proudly celebrates his roots by describing the province in a positive way, contradicting what many have done so far.

A few days ago, the trapper surprised fans and passers-by with a live performance in Darsena, performing “Zig Zag”, a brando taken from the album which had not yet been released.

The Rhove intercom

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