This Wednesday, at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, a tense incident involving a crowd of people broke out after They will try to prevent the expulsion of Kurdish activist Firaz Korkmaz, Kurdish activist subject to an expulsion order to Turkey. According to information provided by police sources to French media Europe 1, approximately around twenty individuals tried to intervene with the convoy carrying Korkmaz, causing an intervention by the security services.

The convoy, which was also carrying three French Communist Party parliamentarians and the activist, was attacked as it headed towards a restricted area of ​​the airport. The incident began when several people They managed to enter an area where entry is only allowed with a tickettriggering a fight which spread from the airport police station to Terminal 1. Tourists present at the scene filmed the moment.

Although an investigation has been opened, it has not yet been confirmed whether people were arrested following this incident, according to La Dépêche du Midi. The Kurdish Democratic Council in France expressed concern about the security of Korkmaz, who risks being tortured and imprisoned in Türkiye. Despite these concerns, the activist was eventually expelled from the country.

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