The Pio Albergo Trivulzio is moving towards the creation of a real estate fund to which it will contribute part of its assets. This was announced by Invimit Sgr, a company 100% owned by the Ministry of Economy, which signed a document of intent with Trivulzio to assess the feasibility and convenience of this solution. It had been known for some time that Trivulzio’s commissioner, former prefect Francesco Paolo Tronca, intended to move in this direction.

Now, the real estate, legal and tax due diligence will begin by the advisors indicated by Invimit, and in the event of a positive result, the fund will be formed, which aims to enhance the assets and the consequent reduction of Trivulzio’s debt. Which, throughout Italy, has a real estate stock of 932 housing units, of which 713 are occupied. The majority of housing (764) is located in the city of Milan, where 608 are occupied. Result of wills and donations. But they no longer keep the accounts. Indeed, Trivulzio’s balance sheet is in the red with losses which, in 2023, would have been close to 25 million euros, compared to around 10 million in 2022. And the debts: 10 million to Intesa San Paolo alone, 16 million towards Ats Milano.

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