A young of 25 years is in the middle of legal proceedings where he faces a request for six years prison for the alleged assaultsexual to a disabled acquaintance Palm. The Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands was scheduled to try the case on Wednesday, but the trial was suspended after a report was admitted as new evidence that raised the assessment of the victim’s degree of disability to 65%, according to an EP report.

He lawyer the defender argued that the degree of DISABILITY the victim’s cognition is a crucial element for assess the credibility of your testimony, which constitutes the main evidence against your client. There The prosecutor’s office did not oppose the suspension, but the lawyer of the complainant did so.

After deliberation, the Court accepted the suspension to allow the defend study the relevant documentation, the case is therefore awaiting a new trial date.

Both the accused and the victim are disabled, i.e. 33% he aggressor and of 65% for the attack respectively. There The prosecutor’s office considers that the disability of accused moderately, but not completely, affected their abilities at the time of the facts, which recognizes an attenuating circumstance. They both knew each other to be users of the same social entity which takes care of Intellectual disability.

The alleged incident occurred at September 2020in the House of accused, when the victim, emotionally affected Due to a personal situation, he visited her. The pursuit accuses the young man of having taken advantage of the circumstances to commit there sexual assault.

Besides the prison sentence, there The prosecutor’s office requests a restraining order during 15 years, eight years probation and compensation 30,000 euros.

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