laSexta had access to the UCO report in which the agents detail how Luis Rubiales he allegedly diverted millionaire sums from the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to the construction company of the brother of the former legal director and to the company of his friend Nene.

According to investigators, the RFEF awarded contracts to the construction company of the brother of the former legal director, which diverted a commission to the company run by Nene, with which Rubiales now collaborates. Precisely during the search of a hotel in Granada managed by Rubiales and Nene, the police found large sums of cash, including 318,350 euros.

The summary includes all calls on which officers base their charges. The first is a call from the brother of Ángel González Segura, former legal director, to one of his employees. “Two invoices have already been sent to the RFEF,” he says, asking them to “hurry José” because he says that It is the Federation “that must pay”.

In another conversation, we see how the people involved seek build a mega stadium in Saudi Arabia with which, apparently, not only Rubiales and his partner would have made a good profit, as González says in another call: “If this comes out, there will be money for everyone.”

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