A reward for those who saved a man’s life at the station. Francesca Taddio and Simone Oliva were rewarded, the nurses who intervened on the green platform of the metro to save the life of a thirty-year-old who had fallen ill. Recognition to the couple was given by the president of Lombardy Attilio Fontana and by the social councilor Guido Bertolaso.

That day, Francesca and Simone were returning from work at 11 p.m. and when they got off at the Lambrate stop, they heard a loud noise: a man had fallen to the ground and was unconscious. The young nurse immediately called for help, while her companion began cardiac massage. “Every day there are episodes that highlight that those who work in the health sector certainly do it for work, but above all for passion, because they believe in the commitment aimed at helping others – said Fontana -. The case of the two young nurses We wanted to reward them demonstrates the great professionalism with which they intervened. Their speed and promptness helped save a life.

Congratulations also came from Bertolaso: “I am a concrete example of the generosity and big heart of those who make Lombardy ever more proud of its health care every day.” For their part, Francesca and Simone emphasized: “We are not heroes, but this story leads us to reflect on the importance, for all citizens, from a very young age, of recognizing the symptoms of cardiac arrest and provide them with help. To do this, simply take a first aid course. A few minutes can be decisive in preventing an illness from having much more serious consequences.”

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