It has been classified as a “superfood”, possessing numerous health benefits and an alternative to sugary drinks. This is kombucha, a sweetened fermented tea drink that has gained popularity in recent years and is said to a new advantage: changes in fat metabolismaccording to a study published in PLOS Genetics.

The benefits of this drink are thought to come from the probiotic microbes and their effects on metabolism, but To date, the health properties have not been well studied in humans.. This is precisely the case with the aforementioned study, led by Robert Dowen.

Dowen’s team studied how microbes in kombucha tea affect metabolism by feeding them to the C. elegans worm and found that yeast and bacteria colonize the worms’ intestines and create metabolic changes similar to those that occur during fasting. Microbes change the expression of genes involved in fat metabolism, resulting in more proteins that break down fat and fewer proteins that build a type of fat molecule called triglycerides. Together, these changes reduce the worms’ fat stores.

The new results provide insight into how the probiotics in this drink reshape metabolism in a model worm species and offer clues as to how these microbes might impact human metabolism. It is important to remember that Further research is needed to prove that humans Those who consume kombucha experience similar effects, but these results appear consistent with the benefits published to date.

“We were surprised to discover that animals consuming a diet composed of probiotic microbes present in kombucha tea – explains Dowen – had reduced fat accumulation, lower triglyceride levels than other animals who had other diets. “These results suggest that microbes in kombucha tea trigger a fasting state in the host, even in the presence of sufficient nutrients.”

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