They are located. For the Town Hall and for drivers in distress. Seven of the ten speed cameras that impose the most fines in the city of Madrid for speeding They are on the M-30, whileThe Town Hall charges nearly a million euros every day for traffic-related complaints.

This is clear from a report prepared by Associated European Motorists (AEA). on road complaints filed last year by Madrid City Hall.

According to the AEA, In 2023, Madrid City Hall filed a total of 2,603,669 traffic complaints. (i.e. one every five minutes) for a “record” amount of 341,363,840 euros (nearly one million per day).

The number of complaints decreased by 3.6% compared to 2022 (which was 2,702,125), but the amount of sanctions increased by 1.2% (the previous year they amounted to 337,048,410 euros).

This fact is due to the fact that minor offenses decreased (-13.8%), such as prohibited parking or parking in the SER zone with an invalid card, but serious offenses (6.7%) or very serious ( 7.9%) increased. , which increased the average amount of fines from 124.7 euros in 2022 to 131.10 euros in 2023.

Regarding serious violations, there was a reduction in the number of complaints for passing the red light (-18.2%) and unmarked vehicles entering Plaza Elíptica (-53%) or the M-30 (-31 .9%), but they increased due to non-use of seat belts (27.2%), child restraint systems (33.8%), prohibited use of cell phones (16 .2%) and speed (7.1%).

The “multons”

The most active radar in 2023 was the one located at kilometer 4,150 of the M-30, with 48,438 complaints filed, although those located on the A-6/Av. The Puerta de Hierro, near the Costume Museum, and the one located at kilometer 19.06 of the M-30 are those which have seen the greatest increase in the number of complaints filed.

M-30 continues to be the road with the highest number of speeding violationswith 273,166 complaints, in addition to grouping together seven of the ten most “congested” speed cameras, at kilometer points 4,150 (48,438 complaints), 19,800 (38,420), 19.06 (31,761), 27,000 (29,057 ), tunnel at kilometer 10,300 (26,863), 16,530 (24,151) and 6,700 (17,469).

The “top ten” of the most active speedometers is completed by the radar section of the A-5 (34,728), Puerta de Hierro Avenue (32,578) and kilometer 4.00 of the A-5 in direction of exit (17 807).

Road safety

On the other hand, the AEA indicates in its report that “the majority of offenses committed in the city of Madrid do not directly affect the road safety of citizens, but rather their mobility”, since 45.4% of complaints concern parking lots (1,182,471) and an additional 27.7% to prohibited access to low-emission zones (721,534), in particular to the central district, to Plaza Elíptica and inside the M-30 and the M -30 itself.

In general, municipal speed cameras increased their activity with 518,638 complaints, compared to 484,100 filed in 2022.

The report highlights “the exponential increase, of the order of 1,500%”, of complaints filed for exceeding the speed limit of 30 km/h on roads such as Avenida de la Victoria, Calle Castillo de Candanchú , Avenida de Entrevías or Avenida Machupichu.

Furthermore, underlines that complaints have multiplied for unauthorized access to the Central District (19.8%) and that 50% of all prohibited access to this area are concentrated in five streets: Alcalá, 51; Gran Via, 71; Atosha, 125; Segovia corner with Ronda Segovia, 31, and San Bernardo, 91.

“Madrid City Hall should explain, above all, why, instead of reducing the fines for accessing the Central District without authorization, there are more and more of them, and also why half of these offenses are concentrated in only five specific points in the capital,” said Mario Arnaldo, president of the AEA.

Arnaldo concluded: “Regarding the rest of the offenses, we believe that Madrid City Hall should also rethink its road safety policy because, in our opinion, traffic fines in Madrid have become another tax and were created, under the flag of mobility and road safety, a sanction mechanism which does not respect the legal guarantees of citizens and also fails to reduce road indiscipline.

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