The investigation into the traffic accident that occurred when a truck hit an anti-drug control installed by the Civil Guard on the section of the AP-4 highway corresponding to Los Palacios and Villafranca (Seville), with the result thatdied, including two agents; continues its course and “all possibilities” as to its causes are explored, since there is still no “logical explanation” for what happened.

This is what he declared andDeputy Public Prosecutor for Road Safety of AndalusiaCeuta and Melilla, Luis Carlos Rodríguez León, in an interview with Canal Sur Radio, in which he detailed that The investigations, in which the Civil Guard itself participates, involve “numerous calculations of speed, force or movement” of the vehicles involved; as well as checks on signage installed by agents.

The representative of the Public Ministry declared that more than a week after this serious incident, We still need to “investigate more in depth” to clarify the causes, because “there is no, quote, logical explanation for what happened.” That is, what happened “does not agree” with the data collected so far, an extreme that makes this investigation a “more complex” task.

That’s why asked to give “more time” to the professionals involved in the investigation, adding that among other aspects, it has not yet been ruled out that the driver of the truck, who tested negative for alcohol and drugs; used a cell phone while driving.

“This has not yet been ruled out because Telephone communications, both private and professional, are the subject of an investigation.. The same thing later, once the analysis is carried out, it must also be discarded”, said Luis Carlos Rodríguez León, affirming that it is necessary to explore “all the possibilities that the human mind can think of, from rule out options until they are available.” find something that in some way can help explain what happened.

The accident happened around 4:40 a.m. Tuesday last week. at kilometer 24 of the Seville direction of the AP-4 highway, in Los Palacios, where the Rapid Action Group (GAR) is located of the Civil Guard had installed a control to intercept transfers of narcotic substances, composed of a total of 17 agents, double the minimum of eight soldiers established by the protocol of the Army Institute for this type of devices.

The “visibility” of control

Even if the controlIt was in a “visibility” point on the highway and was duly signposted, according to the subdelegate of the central government in Seville, Francisco Toscano Rodero, was “taken away” in his own words by a semi-trailer truck loaded with horticultural products who had left La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) bound for Guarromán (Jaén).

While the commander of the Civil Guard Rafael Jiménez Onetti explained to the media at the scene of the accident that the possibility of “drowsiness or lack of attention” of the truck driver as possible causes of the accident, the central government subdelegate reiterated that it was a “road accident due to accidental causes”.referring to “a distraction, a flash or an error” of the driver of the truck, who, before the collision, only “braked or swerved suddenly” while directing the vehicle towards the shoulder, but without prevent hitting three GAR patrol cars and two private cars.

The truck driver is facing six alleged offenses of reckless homicide and three other suspected offenses of recklessly causing serious injury.was arrested and spent three days in temporary prison, before finally being released with charges brought against him.

Following the accident, fIn any case, two agents of the Rapid Action Group (GAR) of the Civil Guard and four other people who were in the private vehicles stopped during the check were found dead.

Among these four deceased people were two people with a history of crimes against public health, including a resident of Dos Hermanas (Seville), aged 47, and a citizen of Ceuta, aged 53.

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