WAO, the proptech startup born within OneDay Group which today has 3 coworking spaces in Milan, is participating in Fuorisalone for the first time: ​​PL7, the coworking space in Isola, has been chosen as the one of the main hubs of the Isola Design Festival 2024 which will take place from April 15 to 21, 2024. WAO Isola is transformed this week into the epicenter of numerous events linked to the world of design with exhibition and collective spaces, show cooking and cutting-edge facilities.

The Design Festival 2024, organized by Isola Design, is titled “This future is currently unavailable” to highlight how design and craftsmanship play a vital and responsible role in conveying the necessary change of pace towards more sustainable production for our planet. The theme will be expressed by more than 320 international designers who will exhibit in the different centers of the district, among which PL7 stands out where various events and exhibitions will take place:

“Disclosure: Design Studios Unveiled” (collective exhibition of Isola Design): in the industrial garage transformed into an exhibition space, there will be space for the collective exhibition-workshop for design studios from around the world such as Heilig Objects, Roni Collective and Shailesh Rajput Studio, where they will showcase their creative processes and demonstrate how their designs come to life, demonstrating the versatility of their tools and the application of modern design techniques.

Hiro Design Home (Hiro Design exclusive): during Design Week, the main exhibition space of PL7 is transformed into the absolute premiere of Hiro Design which will present its home & living collection to the general public. But not only that, the prototypes of six shoe racks designed by the designers of the Hiro community will also be presented in preview, which can be voted on by the public until April 18, 2024, the day on which the most voted project will be awarded . announced and a party will follow from 6 p.m. until the evening. Hiro

“PhotoSynthetica Collection” (by ecoLogicStudio): the entrance atrium of PL7 will be transformed into a temporary living space in which ecoLogicStudio, specializing in biotechnology applied to architecture, will present three biophilic design products: an air purifier advanced biotechnology, a compostable stool and a ring made from microalgae biomass using 3D printing.

“The Hunt” (by Architecture Hunter): for the occasion Architecture Hunter brings together for the exhibition nine internationally renowned architecture studios (Kengo Kuma, Woha, 3XN and Marcio Kogan) who present the concept with their immersive experience and their augmented reality projects from “refuge architects”.

Other installations by international designers present in PL7’s internal and external spaces are: Silös Gate by Spinzi, Studi8, SUPSI and FHNW, which help transform the environments into a crossroads of art and design.

With the contribution of the Lombardy Region.
Among the partners we would also like to thank: BrewDog, 8.6, Sidewalk Kitchens, ApeCesare, Nio Cocktails.

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