There Valladolid Provincial Council start again food program for 158 vulnerable children in the province.

Objective: support during school holiday periods, pay attention to basic essential needs, particularly food, for minors enrolled in compulsory education and preschool education who usually use the canteen services of their educational centers.

The beneficiaries of this program, which is part of the agreement that the provincial institution signs each year with the Red Cross and Cáritas, are the family units who are responsible for minors enrolled in educational centers.

CEAS professionals assess the vulnerability of each family then each case is referred to the corresponding distribution entity (Cáritas or Red Cross) which, before the Easter, summer and Christmas school holidays, Give parents a prepaid card accompanied by a list of basic products so that they can buy foods in supermarkets that guarantee a balanced and healthy diet. The card amounts vary depending on the minors making up the family unit and the amounts are determined according to the number of vacation days.

Once the Easter school holidays have started, with the consequent closure of school canteens, for another year, cards have been issued so that affected families can can access the purchase of baby food during the holidays.

On this occasion, 158 minors benefited from the program during the holidays, including cards distributed for an amount of 11,150 euros. By area, the greatest number of cards corresponds to the CEAS of Tordesillas (25 cards), followed by Cercanías uno (21) and Cercanías dos and Íscar (both with 20). They are followed by Olmedo (19) and Peñafiel (15), Tierra de Campos Sur (13), Portillo (eleven), Pinoduero (six), Tierra de Campos Norte (four), Valoria Valle Esgueva (three) and Serrada (one ). ).

This program It was launched during the 2016 holidays, in order to guarantee a balanced diet during the summer period for schoolchildren in our province belonging to low-income families or at risk of poverty, taking into account the closure of school canteens.

Initially, the service was organized through the Food at Home program, which in the summer of 2016 brought a lunch and dinner adapted to the age, health and cultural characteristics of 150 minors from 26 municipalities from the province of Valladolid.

However, and with the ultimate aim of constantly improving the quality of life in the municipalities of the province, with particular attention to children and the most vulnerable people, in December 2016 and coinciding with the Christmas holidays, the Foral Deputation of Valladolid decided to provide the service by expanding existing agreements with Cáritas and the Red Cross to respond to various situations of social inclusion.

In this way A system of prepaid cards and vouchers has been set up,distributed by both entities, so that families can purchase the necessary food directly from food chains. The aim is to avoid possible stigmatization of minors when vehicles delivering food arrive at their homes.

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