Not only Palazzo Marino, Palazzo Lombardia also says yes to aka quarries. Employees in the Region who do not identify with the sex declared at birth may request to use a different name at work. The request was made by a worker.

“It is a good thing that the Lombardy Region has opened the doors of Palazzo Lombardia to alias careers, thus isolating the extreme positions that have already manifested themselves within the majority,” said Paola Pizzighini, municipal councilor of M5s Lombardy, referring to the League affair. In recent months, in fact, councilor Giacomo Zamperini had presented a proposal from Fratelli d’Italia against pseudo-careers in schools.

“This confirms that when we fought fiercely in the Regional Council against the proposals presented by the Brothers of Italy to abolish pseudo-careers, we were fighting on the right side. Furthermore, the entire Regional Council twice rejected the cancellation attempts made by the FdI,” Pizzighini said.

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